Cars have always played a large part of Dad's life and we were all indoctrinated at the early age to the joys of grease, grime, bruises and skinned hands. Dad taught us that if someone put it together there should be no reason we can't take it apart and he excelled at this.

Paul Evans August 2003

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Year Acquired Vehicle Details
1934 1930 Levis A6 r.s bike
1927 Aeriel 550 SV bike
1934 Calthorpe 250 bike new (white 29 Pounds)
1927 Austin 7 (20 pounds)
1935 1929 Triumph 7 - 2 seater (new)

1933 Coventry Victor 3 wheeler

1934 BSA front wheel drive 3 wheeler
1930 MG M-type coupe, 840cc overhead cam, fabric body, 40 pounds
1936 1936 Morris 8, 2 door saloon, new, 127 pounds and 10 shillings
1937 1937 - ditto - new #127.10s
1937 Singer 12 Saloon, bought from the Vicar at Eastington #120


Amilcar monoposto racer, won it's class Nubering that year, had solid diff, beaded edge tyres, cycle type mudguards, knock off wheels. Swapped for:
1934 Imperial Bike (new)

1938 MG TA, new, #221
1938 Calthorpe 350 bike, white, new, #35
1939 1938 Standard 10
1931 Morris Family 8, overhead cam

1937 G90 Matchless bike (1949 G50 shown)
1943 1936 Hillman Minx Sedan
1937 Wolseley EW Special, red, 6 cylinder, 1.5 litre, sports, 4 seater
1944 1935 Morris 10 Coupe Drophead
1938 Singer 10 Saloon

1936 Singer Le Mans Sports, green, 2 seater.
(Example from
1938 Morris 8, 2 seater, blue, open tourer SU
1938 Hillman Minx Convertible
1945 1938 MG TA #350
1939 Standard 14 Convertible, blue
1947 1938 Morris 8, 4 seater, open tourer, red
1950 1933 Morris Minor, 2 seater, open, black

1930 Riley Monaco fabric saloon, black and green
1952 1931 Talbot Daracq 14 Saloon, bought from Fred Winter's garage in Haven Street, Isle of Wight (I.O.W.) for #40
1938 Fiat 500, burnt out wreck, complete rebuild
1953 1935 Talbot Baracq 25/105 ex London blitz ambulance
1938 Standard 14 Saloon
1936 Rover 14 Saloon
1954 BSA Bantam bike
1954 1937 Rover 14 Convertible
1928 Humber 14, one owner, had left I.O.W. #20, John Master's Ryde Garage, was a 4 seat with sidescreens, kept in a garage that had carpet and central heating (by two elderly spinsters).
1929 Standard Teighworth fabric saloon

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1955 Ford 100E Van, blue, new (picture shows John)
1955 Lambretta Scooter, new, bought from George Attril during the fuel crisis

1949 Triumph 1800 Roadster, swapped for the Ford Popular whilst on holiday with Sue - Bournemonth
1956 Morris Minor Open 850cc
1958 Standard 8, new, 1.6 litre, blue (like a Vanguard), Newport I.O.W.
1960 1960 Mini, new, bought from Max I.O.W.
1959 Riley 1.5, brought to Largs Bay, Adelaide, Australia
1962 Fiat 1500 Sedan, new, 2.3 litre, 2 Fiats bought dockside at Adelaide by Sue without duty tax 2300 was A#930. Got damaged going down Port Road, Adelaide approaching a truck which careered into railway boomgate that then fell down on said Fiat, Father not impressed (Paul)
1964 (UK) Fiat brought back to the UK.
1965 (US)

1958 Lincoln Continental, bought at Long Island for $150, was 19 foot 10 inches long!
1960 Plymonth
1967 1961 Buick le Sabre convertible, bought at Groton for $350 with 15,000 miles.
1967 (UK) 1959 Commer Cob

1959 Jaguar XK150S fixed head coupe, red, #90 Mum was pregnant and mentioned she had trouble fitting into it and next thing was Dad had swapped it for a Fiat Multipla (that needed a rebuild and moss-removal)! (Paul)

Fiat Multipla
1961 Triumph Atlas motor caravan, traded our Fiat 2300 for it, had done 20 000 miles, bought for #230, sold for #250 just before leaving UK, many holidays in Scotland, completely trouble free. Note Fiat was 4 years trouble free and 91 000 miles.
1966 Rover 2000, red
1968 1968 Audi 80L, blue, new
1968 Fiat 125, new, blue #1100
1962 VW Combi, #21, left hand drive, 6 volt
1969 (Australia) 1968 Ford Falcon ex-government, white station wagon, $1400
1964 Pontiac Perisienne, 283 motor rebuilt at Mawson, ACT during Woden Valley floods
1971 1963 Pontiac Laurentian
1962 Honda 50 bike
1962 Triumph Herald 848
1963 Triumph Herald 1200
1972 1961 Triumph Herald Convertible 848

1967 Honda S600, 2 seater
1963 Fiat 2300 Sedan
1962 Fiat 2.3 Sedan. Paul fell out of this car around age 13. He was squashed in with a some stuff and the door was not shut correctly. It went around a corner and he got gravel rash (Paul).
1973 1972 Mini LC
1965 Fiat 125S, ex Indonesian Embassy. Henry bought this and crashed off Clyde Mountain (Paul)

1971 Ford Mustang Mach I Limited Edition, 7.2 litre, 8mpg, Ex Larry - exchange technician from The States, sold to a bus driver (after being stolen and recovered)

1962 Triumph Spitfire
1965 Holden EH Premier
1974 Bedford Doormobile Camper, new but removed interior and rebuilt to own design, went to Queensland with family
1974 Honda Civic, new, $2700
1976 1969 Rover TC, wire wheels. Dad raced a hoon's panel van down Clyde mountain with Paul, Mark and Tony Sutton in the car (Paul)
1973 P76 V8
1977 1964 Herald Station Sedan
1969 Fiat 125
1969 Fiat 125 (yes another one)
1965 Toyota Crown Station Sedan
1969 Toyota Crown Sedan
1978 1967 Valiant VC Station Sedan, caught fire on way home from band job at Burroma
1968 Toyota Crown Station Sedan (this was the first car I ever dented - stayed at an all-night porno night at the drive-in. By the end of the night I forgot the steering was all the way over on the left lock and when I took off it stoved the door in. I was woken by an argry Dad)
1969 Morris Nomad
1979 1972 Renault 16 TS, yellow, went to Queensland with fold up camper trailer

1969 NSU RO 80, Mazda rotary motor (I remember racing an Alfa GTV in this car - it was very fast and I was going well until the large electric fuel pump could no longer keep up with the demand. The view looked impressive at speed with the big windscreen. Clutch on the gearstick was silly though - Mark>
1973 Chrysler CH 360, V8, used to tow large on-site van. (Dad's love of cars wore off on us kids. I had a part-time job working at a garage while still at school. I would swap the back tyres on Dad's V8 then do lots of burnouts and swap them back - no questions asked! Mark)
1970 Triumph 2.5 PI MKII, went to Mark. Note - borrowed this from Mark, dropped him off at the train station to go to Sydney for the weekend, took brother's cool car for a rap around on the Saturday, while trying to impress a girl and embarress a Torana at the traffic lights, all went well until diff exploded, to add insult to injury I found out on a very wet Sunday morning that you can put a Truimph diff in upside down (only one bolt won't line up! Sorry Mark, I've come clean now.. Paul
1972 Honda bike, Mark. Note from Mark: this was a little 50cc fold up mini bike. I would ride this thing to school with a huge coat and my hands in my pockets (the throttle used to stick). It was entertaining for the traffic when I shot diagonally across an intersection then straight up the embankment which was part of my short cut!
1976 Daihatsu Van, 2 stroke twin cylinder. Note from Mark: we dubbed this "the eskie on wheels". Our favourite trick was to go flying around a corner with Steven Hodgkin hanging out the side cargo door like he was trying to stabalise a small yacht. Lots of fun :)
1972 Marina Coupe
1972 Renault 16 TS, white
Hillman Minx - given to Paul by Don Longhead. Note from Paul: my first car! ...and I must say I wasn't particularly impressed, with exuberance and youth, fueled by father's stories, anything seems possible. But, cornering at maximum speed of 50 mph and 16" wheels with crossplies I found myself suddenly deposited in a flowerbed. Closer examination revealed only 3 wheels still attached to the car. The other wheel had broken and left just a bit of sheet metal under the wheel nuts.
1964 UK Bedford Dormobile, funny old thing, sold to horse food man who took it to Cairns without fault
1971 Fiat 125, white
1984 1970 Fiat 125 red, rebuilt, Paul wrote off.
1970 Fairmont XA 302 V8, Paul hit this car with the Fiat, we had to pay the man off. Note from Paul: I was perfectly innocent, it was all the bloody Ford driver's fault! But, I must say, as much as I love Fiats, I could never bring myself to buy one as I will always remember my father's face as I had to tell him that I had just destroyed his car. It has just been rebuilt and the insurance was not organised yet. But in a display of extreme control, he pissed off in the old campervan (above) and I believe he didn't come home for two days. Footnote: I really wasn't my fault - the Ford driver turned right suddenly from the left lane with their left blinker on - but who believes a teenager.
1965 Toyota Crown, given to YMCA welfare
1970 Austin 1800
1965 MG 1100. Tickford roof. Should have kept it! Note from Mark: this was a little car like a Mini and it had a large sunroof. We called it the noddie car because a tall person could drive around sitting on the back of the seat and looking out of the sunroof. It was so small that you could reach the pedals in this position.
1970 Morris 1100 wreck, given by Miranda HiFi
1979 Mazda E1600 Van, yellow, converted to camper, sold to an Alaskan, quite good conversion, worn motor
1985 1971 Mazda 1200 Coupe, given to daughter Robyn
1972 Citroen DS1220, swapped for:
1976 CF250 Bedford Van
1970 Triumph 2000 TC
1972 Volvo 145S, station sedan, red
1976 Datsun 180B, red, $1650
1969 Datsun 1200 station sedan, given to son Mark.
1975 Datsun 180B blue, given to Robyn friend Penny
1967 Ford Fairmont XR, from Barry, $400 to Robyn who kept it for about 5 years, sold it for $700. It was a good, honest car. Note from Paul: Rob could add some stories here like the time Dad wouldn't let her drive to Sydney until she demonstrated changing a tyre - unfortunately the car was on a slope when she tried...
1975 Datsun 120y station sedan

1975 Alfa 750 GTV, red, from Ed, nice motor
1976 VW 1800 auto combi, from Ed, $800, sold in 1992 to Hank, we had it a long time, I did a reasonably good camper conversion
1986 1974 Triumph PI converted to TC
1987 1979 Mitsubishi Sigma Astron 2000 SE, auto, from Adam, swapped for Triumph (Adam insert story here :)
1968 Austin 1800, one owner, Jim, went to son Paul. Note from Mark: we called this "The Land Crab" due to it's width and we had heaps of fun in this car. We used it as a moving loungeroom - we would have a party while putting slowly around the forest in 1st gear. We also took it to the model aircraft field - we'd hang out all day flying the model Paul made and lying around in the car (the front seats folded down to make a big bed), eating, drinking and watching "The Goodies" on a little TV.
1988 1969 Peugot 404 sold to Hank, Fred fixed floor rust. Note from Paul: Fred was one of the kindest, friendliest men I've ever met. Very much like my father.
1970 Rover 2000 TC from Ed
1988 1969 Rover 2000 TC HC wreck, stripped

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1989 1968 Austin 1800 auto from Mckellar, $50, rebuilt and sprayed, sold $2000
1982 VW Passat, Ed - $5500, traded with $2000 for:
1990 1986 Magna SE Auto sold for $11000
Renault Fuego $12000, swap for:
1983 Tarago
1992 Citroens (2) GS 1220, rebuilt one and sold to Peter
1983 Nissan Bluebird auto, swap with Tarago, very clean one owner - Sue unhappy I sold it
Austin 1800 MkII, rebuilt one with Tom.
Fiat 128 SL Coupe, mustard, and wreck, $900
1977 Hiace Swagman camper, straight swap with dutchman
1980 Magna SE 5 speed, exchanged both Hiace and Fiat for this. 165 000 kms which eventually disintegrated at Ulladulla. Towed back to Fyshwick, repaired under warantee. Direct swap at Col Cummins with:
1994 1986 Fiat Regata 85s, 106k, priced at $8999
1964 Ford Cortina MkI 1.6 litre, $500 from Garth, ran away down bank, later sold for $550.
1983 Renault Fuego red bought from Mark Hyman Cook 150 km, approx $4000, excellent
1985 Nissan Bluebird Wagon A20, 4sp, 1 owner, $1900, from ??? Heli pilot with 12 months rego, 200k km, engine smoked otherwise good, Jarek fixed this which was the start of a long and wonderful friendship
1976 Renault 16 TS $300, excellent mechanically but body a disaster, sold to Phil Barraclaugh $350.
1981 Alfa $850 box type body, much work since, to Paul
1972 Datsun 260Z
1997 Rover SDI 3500 V8
Nissan Gazelle

Fiat X1/9

1985 Renault Fuego
1989 Fiat Regatta 1600
Renault 16 TS, free (much work needed)
1981 Renault 18
Renault 25
1987 Honda Civic